The Seed – A Book Review

I met Jeanette Lunde three years ago at a blogger meet up in Stockholm, I had already been a huge fan of her work and I am still following all her adventures. Because everything she touches is Magic.

Jeanette has teamed up with Ann-Karin Pedersen, together they have founded Made Of Rocks and edited this wonderful book as a first result of their creative partnership of designing and writing respectively.


A child’s voice.

A message; to don’t give up.

No matter starting point.

The Seed-MOR-A book review-EclecticTrends

When receiving a beautiful package and flicking through the first pages, reading that very peaceful text, I couldn’t quite find a way of describing what I was holding in my hands. I have not included any of Ann-Karin poetic texts in this post, as I want you to discover them yourself when holding a copy in your hands.

I decided to ask Jeanette and Ann-Karin to add a few lines to their work and this is what they answered:

Who is behind The Seed and how came you ladies together?

Made of Rocks ( M.O.R.) published The Seed.

Behind M.O.R are Ann-Karin Pedersen and Jeanette Lunde.

We met through common friends and began to cooperate after that.

We create things we feel passionate about. Either it´s just from us or in collaboration with others.

The Seed-MOR-A book review-EclecticTrends

What do you believe is your strength together and where do you complement each other?

We are different in many ways.

But we have one great thing in common. Respect and love for each other, it´s unconditional.

This is what makes our friendship and collaboration so strong.

The Seed-MOR-A book review-EclecticTrends

How was the idea of The Seed born? This books sounds to me like an inner journey to peace and love. Did you have a similar purpose when creating the idea of it?

“The Seed” is a child´s voice. With a message to adults.

Of reality. To wake up. Freedom.

To never stop believing in dreams , no matter starting point.

It´s taken some time to finish it, but at the same time it has always been there.

The Seed-MOR-A book review-EclecticTrends

You have also some beautiful prints that belong to The Seed in your shop and that can be ordered. Can you tell us a bit more about the design process?

Everything is connected. The words were there, then feelings of images started to appear.

This process has been like a big playground.

Creating. Walking away. Coming back the next day, to find out you want to make something brand new.

Rearranging. Slowly finding the right pieces.

We are really blessed with the power of passion and joy.

Thank you so much, ladies, I am really looking forward to your next adventure. Which I know will be pure magic again! G, x


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