We've become all more self-sufficient during the pandemic and will continue looking for a more autonomous lifestyle.

Residential neighborhoods, communities, and urban projects in development consider caring and self-sufficient systems a priority. 
Self-sufficiency does not exclude being connected to a network; but connected independence offers greater protection.
A city, neighborhood, or micro-community bases its strength on the ability to generate its own resources.

ABC (Autonomous Building for Citizens) suggests another way of thinking and living the habitat, very well integrated into its natural environment.

An ABC building would need to produce energy autonomously, use rainwater and recycle wastewater, and reduce waste produced. It would also have to be as comfortable for its occupants as a conventional building so that they didn't have the feeling of taking a step backward.

Gaëtan Desruelles

VP R&D Bouygues Construction




Self-sufficient city model by Vicente Guallart
Image Vicente Guallart Architects

The future of self-sufficient city models lies in creating a web of self-sustaining neighborhoods that are still connected locally and globally.

The city of the future is a metropolis of neighborhoods.



Photo @dinajessica x Click and Grow

Growing food at home or Home Farming is nothing new; not even for those who have limited space. However, the pandemic has accelerated green movements; we have gone back to locally grown vegetables and fruit as a way of supporting nearby agriculture or started our own self-sufficient adventure on a balcony or inside the kitchen, including smart IoT-based devices to be as autonomous as possible.


Image: Precht x Arabica Journal

Flexibility and adaptability in design keep being essential. Modular structural systems allow to prefabricate, assemble and adapt to ever-changing situations.

Structures need to grow with the tasks they take on becoming autonomous and less rigid. Nothing lasts forever in a fast moving society.

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