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My September Moodboard

September mood board

September mood board blues

September mood board. colors

September mood board. detail_1

I came back all inspired from London after the presentation, my head filled with colors and impressions, and I wanted to create my very own color palette for September and see what comes out. You see, here in Barcelona we still have summer but move towards autumn, days are getting shorter (grey-blue), I do still plan some visits to the beach (blue but again but getting darker and muted), I slowly start going back to my ceramics (whites and beige) and I am not a 100% back yet to blogging, feeling a sweet laziness (blush in two shades).

And that’s my current mood translated into colors.

Images are from the COS catalog, Elle Decoration UK, Kinfolk. Color samples are from NCS and Valentine.

How about some extra inspiration?

8 Responses

    1. Nor me! It all started when buying a scarf in that color…and now I just admit I have become…uhm…girlier??? Pastels were not my cup of tea, except for mint and I do admit now and then a pastel color pop in my life. I guess it is good to experience new things?

  1. That’s a beautiful moodboard. Yes, this week I can really feel that summer is over, at least here in Berlin. I’m glad to hear that London went well and love that you’re still thinking colours. Wishing you a light blue rest of the week!

    1. Oh, we still have summer here, in fact it is the best time of the year if you want to enjoy the beach, not too hot, few people. I heard it’s going to be hot again in Germany too. What a summer you had this year!
      Yes, even I am surprised that I am still thinking colors :-) Have a good remaining week too, Lena!

    1. This was the idea, exactly! Blush will stay here during the winter 13/14 so why not embracing it? (I was not fan of it but start loving it now!)

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