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Together we'll put the power of trends in your hands.

There’s so much more to trend research than just lofty terms and color swatches. Trends are powerful tools that can help you reach your customers. They show you what matters. And they shouldn’t be ignored.  

That’s why we offer a range of services to help you discover, analyze, and put actionable and meaningful trends to use for the benefit of your company and your customers. 




Every year we create a report outlining the shifting values and evolving behavior of today’s consumers. What they think, how they feel, where they’re headed. The report includes a wide array of projects, food for thought, statistics, keywords, color palettes, and worksheets. And the goal is to help you uncover the design and communication approaches you need to put on your radar.


Digital Trend Report Package

This complete trend report package can include 

  • Several chapters of insights, statistics, projects, emerging concepts, and keywords
  • A color report featuring colors, color weights, color vocabulary, and color codes
  • Audio files in which Gudy shares additional thoughts and chapter recaps
  • A workbook containing conclusions and trigger questions you can use to brainstorm with your team
To help you uncover the design and communication approaches you need to put on your radar.
Any brand that wants to better understand the changing values and needs of the consumer space to improve communication and ultimately sales.

Custom Tailored Trend Report

We love to work directly with our clients to deliver customized trend reports that are actionable and meaningful. You give us a briefing, and three months later, we’ll deliver a trend report just for you. We will then present the report in person or on a call. 

A customized trend report to help you see what’s next adapted to your needs.
Any brand that wants to fully understand the values and needs of their clients to communicate what they stand for and why it matters clearly. 



Founder of Eclectic Trends Gudy Herder is a highly sought-after leader and speaker in the worlds of lifestyle and interior design. Her lectures cover various topics, including socio-cultural references, underlying consumer behavior, and patterns, and typically last 60 minutes. 
To educate, inspire, and create an experience for the audience that brings food for thought, facts, and an entertaining experience.
Trade show organizers looking to engage and inform their visitors, and companies with clients who would benefit from hearing the trend forecast for the next 18-24 months.

 ExtraordinariaFest | Ph: Swingyourpics 



Your individualized trend report contains everything you need to know and shouldn’t disappear in a folder on your desktop. So let’s dive in together and start brainstorming.

In our workshops, we help you compare trends with your brand DNA. 


Together, we’ll form actionable next steps, so you know exactly how to move forward. 



How to translate trend manifestations and drivers?

We work with your design and/or marketing team to turn trends into brand-related stories and translate these into collections or projects.

We initiate a trend-driven process and your teams transforms the information into innovative projects or collections.


Materials Workshop

Which materials belong to the three Macro Trends of Urbanization, Well-Being and Sustainability? Let’s dive into the fascinating world of sustainable and innovative materials.

We will share our materials library, which shows inspirational examples of acoustic solutions,, bio-composites for furniture, recycled plastics, and how about eggshell or fish scale waste  transformed into surface design?


Mood /Concept /Sample Boards

The wording is not relevant.

What matters is the message you want to convey, and who will see it.

Mood boards are powerful storytellers that help structure ideas and create a vision. We’ll sit with your designers and show them how to develop them amidst the chaos of today. 

So if you’re thinking, “where do I even start?”, this is the spot. 

To work closely together to find your way forward. Trend Research becomes powerful if you make it actionable.
Teams who need a little support turning trends into next steps and love a screen-free hands-on session!




We’ve gathered experience across sectors with work spanning geographies, the scale of teams, and custom-made proposals.

We like to make it uncomplicated, human, and always at eye level, thinking and partnering with our clients.

90% of our clients repeat and have established long-term partnerships.