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Shift Architecture Urbanism and Blom Interieurs bring color and community to urban living


Shift Architecture Urbanism and Blom Interieurs have created a colourful complex that places a strong emphasis on community living.


The building features a unique design and is made up of different-sized modular units.

At the centre of each apartment is a “smart-living core” that includes a kitchen, a box bedroom, a bathroom, and storage space. By integrating floor-to-ceiling storage, the architects have maximised the space available in each unit, allowing residents to make the most of their limited square footage.


The “smart-living core” modules and fixed furniture in the communal areas were produced and assembled by Blom Interieurs. The use of steel doors, pale laminate floors, untreated concrete ceilings, and white walls contrast with the brightly coloured furnishings and modular units, creating a playful and joyful aesthetic.

Residents have access to shared co-working, living, cooking, utility, and garden spaces in addition to their individual apartments. The communal areas were designed to encourage interaction between residents and prevent loneliness, creating a sense of community within the complex.


A pavilion on the roof of the building contains a communal kitchen that functions as a cooking studio. It features a central island clad in turquoise tiles and a contrasting long red dining table. A speckled grey seating ledge runs below the wraparound glazing, providing views of the surrounding area and skyline beyond.

The architects used a rich complementing material palette with contrasting tactile and graphic appearances, incorporating a variety of colours, patterns, and materials. Doors and window frames in pastel tones match the curtains in each of the apartments, while recessed window ledges provide informal seating areas.


Shift Architecture Urbanism’s innovative design is a testament to the power of colour, material, and spatial design in creating a unique living experience that promotes community and encourages social interaction. The complex provides an excellent example of how a well-designed apartment building can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing, while also fostering a sense of belonging among its residents.



Photography: René de Wit and Pim Top

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