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Slow Shopping Trend in Barcelona: Contributing to Llamas’ Valley’s summer issue

What emagazines are you reading? I have discovered German sisterMag last year, I like Lonny and the Australian issue of Est Magazine. But there are so many more.

Lithuanian Llamas’ Valley is one of my favorite digital magazines though. It is an interactive iPad magazine about perfect places and imperfect people. It’s about inspiration, creative ones, joy, coziness, delicious life.

I had been in contact with editor-in-chief Alge Ramanauskiene when she was looking for a photographer in Spain. One day, Indre Blauzdžiūnaitė who is a free lancing writer for Llamas’ living in Barcelona since last fall contacted me and we spent some time together having a nice coffee chatting about this and that. Since the new issue was in the pipeline, I thought an article about the Slow Shopping Tour in Barcelona could be a nice idea. We have this cool barrio in town called Gràcia where everything “slow” is getting so interesting now! In fact, we talk about a real trend.

We visited 5 shops, Indre did small interviews with the owners, Tim Adami took the pictures and here goes the result starting with the cover of Teresa Sapey, Italian architect and interior designer living in Madrid and who has been named one of the 10 most famous architects in the world. I guess that’s a good starting point to see her work, right?

Llamas valley summer issue cover

There is a slow shop tour of 20 shops in Gràcia. The makers behind have printed a map where you can follow all kind of shops from flowers, to clothes, food and design.

Slow shopping for Llamas Valley summer issue | Eclectic Tends

But this is just a sneak peak of giving you a feeling of the tour and article (and there is a little interview with me too)! It has been interesting to read what “Slow” means to different people from all sort of disciplines. But I’d say the common factor is that “slow” is about living a more conscious life and just (very obvious) slowing down. And that affects every single part of your life.

But you have so many other great interviews, according to Alge, it is their best issue so far and I couldn’t agree more. You’ll find articles and interviews of the Owner of getting famous “Sukha Amsterdam”, Fiora Gandolfi with colorful pictures from her Venetian palazzo, gorgeous pictures of ballet dancer and food blogger Marcello Arena from Mela e Cannella, and so much more.

And what a surprise when reading that Caroline Swift is living in Barcelona! You’ll know her by her bone china spoons. And I can relate a 100% when she explains why she is living here. And how she thinks about ceramics. I guess I have to meet this woman one day…

The best things about this issue? The mix! The really outstanding photography is nicely balanced with interesting texts. Congrats to Lllamas’ Valley and very happy to have contributed a tiny bit!

How about some extra inspiration?


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8 Responses

  1. Llamas’ Valley is so nice and becoming better and better indeed! I contributed a spring styling photo last spring and really enjoyed working with Alge too. Can’t wait to check out your article about slow shopping and consciousness!

    1. It’s been their best so far. But I pretty much believe they will get even better with the next one:-)

  2. Hi Gudy,

    Thank you for the introduction to Llamas’ Valley, I had not heard of them before. It’s a lovely post and I’m off now to have a really good look at the latest issue.

    Best wishes,
    L xx

  3. Hi Gudy!

    I struggle to believe it took me so much to find out your blog that I have fallen in love with immediately. It is very cool to see the Slow shop movement in Gracia that is where I live: I shop in some of the places a bit “too often”! ; )

    You have another follower here.


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