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Smart and cool families: The Socialite Family

The The Socialite Family is making its round in blogland! Founded by French journalist and former art buyer Constance Gennari, the blog focusses on smart and cool families. She has worked with one of my favourite magazines called Milk. The “Tribu” series where families are featured is already worth getting your hands on it. The latest issue (in French) is fantastic again. What I like about the blog concept is that having kids in here, makes it so much alive. You can feel we are talking real homes which is becoming quite popular and becoming a real trend. I am predicting quite some success for this blog concept. What is your impression?

El blog The Socialite Family empieza a tener bastante repercusión entre los bloguer@s. Detrás está la periodista y marchante de arte en su día Constance Gennari que publica retratos de familias inteligentes e interesantes. Ella  ha trabajado con una de mis revistas favoritas que es Milk donde en la sección de “Tribu” ya se presentaron familias. Sólo por esta parte ya valía la pena comprar la revista. La última edición (en francés) es de nuevo fantástica. Al publicar imágenes de niños también, todo el artículo parece mucho más vivo, y eso me gusta. ¡Estamos viendo un vivienda real, fenómeno que se pide cad vez más y ya está creando una auténtica tendencia! Yo creo que el blog tendrá mucho éxito. ¿Vosotr@s que pensáis?

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Brilliant – reminds me a bit of Freunde von freunden, but this one with added kids – which makes it homely and more inviting like you said:) Happy Monday to you,

  2. I love it! Being new to family life, it’s so inspiring for me to see how the parents maintain their own tastes and personalities while allowing those of their children to develop and shine as wel. Definitely one to follow.

    1. Hi Deepa, since you are in a totally new “period” of your life having your own little family now yourself, I guess that concepts “speaks” to you in a very particular way. Hope to see you in Berlin!

  3. I really like the blog. It’s interesting how children do complete the idea of a FAMILY and through the pictures everything comes so natural.
    An amazing news. Thank you for sharing it with us Gudy!!!

    1. Hi Alba, happy you like it. Always good to see new concepts, right? It’s getting more and more difficult out there in blogland.:-)

      1. Although I am pretty sure you will always come out from the mass of blogland with happy and unknown news!!!
        Thank you for your observation, I will keep that in my mind!
        Lesson learned.

  4. Good to know, thank you for sharing! I’ll have a closer look at it for some inspiration and yes – I think there’s a lot of potential for a blog like that, too. Showing “real homes” instead of styled ones is already a big trend I think, and children are part of many real homes, it’s as simple as that!

    1. The tricky thing is to get the parents permission for kids pictures but I believe if its done with respect, it could be fine. Always a personal decision though! I like the real approach of the images!

  5. I really love the family vibe of the Socialite Family (and am a big fan of Milk Décoration too, such a fab magazine!). The question that intrigues me the most, is “is it easy to combine nice decoration and a family life?”. It seems quite obvious to me. Of course having kids makes your home more messy, but nice decoration is simply part of your lifestyle, right? It is not something you radically change when having kids, I think…

  6. Yo también creo que será un blog de referencia. Me encantó ver allí la casa de ledansla a la que sigo desde hace tanto tiempo y también me sorprendió ver la casa de una familia de Barcelona.

    1. Así, yo tb. me sorprendí. Estoy por ofrecerles mi casa tb. con tal de ver más spanish style allí:-)

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