Sneak peek from Casa Cor, São Paolo

Good morning from Brazil! I have visited yesterday and will go again today to Casa Cor. Iit is great to see the original version after having attended the Spanish edition for the past 15 years. Casa Cor takes place once a year, they take an entire building and local interior designers create a space being a complete loft, bed room, living, etc.

I was very curious to visit the original edition (lucky me, it’s about to close in two days) and are quite impressed by the space itself which is the Jockey Club (velodrome) here in São Paulo. I guess we are talking 4.000 sqm with indoor and huge outdoor spaces.

I will leave you with a sneak peak today (hop over to my fan page if you want to see much more, I am posting quite some pics there still during the weekend) and full post comes next week. We have a dreadful internet connection here, it takes hours to upload pictures and texts on the blog. Have a wonderful weekend all!

CasaCor casa weekend_5

Olegário de Sá and Gilberto Cioni

Ana Maria Vieira Santos-6

Ana Maria Vieira Santos

Dado Castello Branco

Dado Castello Branco

In House Designers

In House Designers de Interiores

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