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How Does Floral Design Match With A Socks Still Life Story?

Sometimes we make a minor exception over here at Eclectic Trends and publish non-related topics to interior design only. However, today’s floral and socks still life story could be understood as belonging to a broader concept of lifestyle, and so we are back to our field:) We stumbled upon this project a while ago and thought that a tad more color would suit us all well now, entering the longer days and blossoming outdoors.

New York-based floral designer and self-taught photographer Doan Ly uses floral design as a medium to design art by creating non-traditional designs for events and editorial. On this occasion, she teamed up with Comme Si, an Italian luxury brand that celebrates the ‘art de Vivre,’ starting with the daily ritual of getting dressed and specializing in socks. Please see this outstanding campaign below bringing together surreal and, at the same time, realistic visual storytelling where refined socks become a part of a floral and fruit arrangement as if they have always been there.

A socks still life story via Dona Li

A socks still life story via Doan Ly

A socks still life story via Doan Ly

A socks still life story via Doan Ly




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