Soft Candy Color Trend S/S2015

Soft Candy Color Trend S/S15-Eclectic Trends

I have recently deleted my pastel color board on Pinterest with pins gathered since 2013 since I felt it was quite dated. But to my surprise pastel colors are on rise again. They were really huge a couple of years ago, and you find today two pastel trends which are a) a more velvety powder look and b) vivid pastel colors.

Soft Candy Color Trend S/S15-Eclectic Trends

Jonathan Baldock | WGSNBureau sacha van de potter | Kollektiv Plus Zwei

The main difference is two new colors which are geranium and lavender (the corresponding Pantone codes are linked) you see in this first grid(#3 and #5).

This color trend has been eventually called Soft Pop and is forecasted with similar images for S/S2016 by other great experts such as WGSN.  I do see the candy colors already for this year and believe they are still actual next summer with probably a slight move towards more vivid tones. This season they are still pretty chalky (if you search for a nice chalk paint brand, try Auténtico – the color palette is really beautiful) and often muted.

pastel trend1

Candida Hofer | Xiao Li | CC TapisMartina Lang 

What makes this trend so interesting is the fact that these colors are applied to pretty much any creative field. I have stated on the keywords sum up nine of them but could easily add another three like flower styling, hair (beauty would the then refer to cosmetic only) and jewelry.

Pastel colors used to be applied to rather playful designs often with a touch of humor or even created with a pretty kitsch approach. But the change towards a much more sophisticated design is probably the major novelty here.

Soft Candy Color Trend S/S15-Eclectic Trends

 Clare Kenny | Union MagazineSuite One Studio | Atelier Biagetti

Pastel colors started already getting more ‘mature’ last year when paired with a neutral background, different shades of gray or even black (that would be a different post though).

What is really huge are pastel hair braids, wigs and anything around pastel-colored hair.

Pale pink is the one that stays fresh every single year and has been adopted to men collections too. We start seeing a transformation towards unisex colors meaning there is no specific lady or gentleman color but both gender openly share. Well, this is what we observe on some fashion shows but we might still have a lengthy path ahead of us to make that a reality. Thoughts? G, x

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