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Studio Noju basks a cultural exhibition in yellow


Studio Noju has created a 380m2  exhibition called “Sevilla Sombra Iluminada” (Seville’s lit shadow) as part of the Madrid Design Festival 2023.


From 7 February to 9 April 2023, Madrid will host the sixth edition of the international Madrid Design Festival, turning the city into the capital of design and positioning it in a privileged place on the international scene.

This year, the event includes Seville as the invited city, which will host exhibitions, meetings, workshops and conferences, as well as an extensive programme of activities featuring designers, specialists and professionals from the sector.

The Festival highlights the local design sector in Madrid and Spain, with the collaboration of institutions, brands, companies, museums and spaces from around the city, which will showcase the best design from Madrid and Spain, as well as the ability to resolve the most complex challenges.

Curated by Macarena Navarro Reverter with the collaboration of Nieves de la Calle Porta, the exhibition brings together the most representative works of contemporary Sevillian craftsmanship and design.



STUDIO.NOJU has been in charge of the design behind the exhibition with a proposal that invites visitors to rediscover the creative panorama of the city.


“The exhibition is based on the new identity of the city, Seville, very famous, very unknown.”



With shadow as the main protagonist of the design, the installations shine a light on the spaces where traditional craftsmanship intersects with contemporary design.

The bright yellow light, that is associated with Sevilla is expressed with a video installation in the form of an artificial sun that illuminates the room.



A “back cover” fills the exhibition in the form of an arch of light reminiscent of the atmospheric light of the April fair.


STUDIO.NOJU is an architecture and interior design studio based in Madrid and Seville. Founded in 2020, the office works on projects ranging from product design to new construction. Its founders, Antonio Mora Ramos and Eduardo Tazón Maigre, graduates of ETSAS and UEM, created the studio after several years of working and living in New York.




Photography:© STUDIO.NOJU

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