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Studio Tate creates an all gender wellness space


Studio Tate has created an immersive and sensorial spa experience at Relinque Melbourne.


It is no surprise that we see more wellness facilities becoming more inclusive, immersive and sensorial in their design.

Approximately 50% of people diagnosed with COVID-19 have experienced a loss of smell and taste.

Source: National Library of Medicine (NLM)


Celebrating the natural landscape of its locale, the studio has designed a collection of immersive and all-gender spaces with circular architectural forms to support an intuitive client journey, offering a unique spa experience, with an inherently sensorial connection.

The multi-functional space has been split into two sides. One side is an ice and steam contrast therapy, hydrotherapy, body and face treatment space and also consists of yoga studio-holistic wellness. On the other side, you can find spinal clinic pilates and osteopathy.

The design of the spa adds to the wellness experience in itself, encouraging the client to saunter with ease throughout the space on their own personal immersive journey.

For Studio Tate the functionality component was also crucial to enabling staff to work efficiently and support the client experience, it was key that everyone felt comfortable in the space.

A relaxing palette of greens, greys, burgundy and earth tones feature through the collective space, reflecting a sense of textural ‘earthiness’ whilst also being contemporary and sophisticated.

A concrete floor in the reception with coloured aggregate is offset by a forest green marble desk, forest green joinery and leather banquette seating, set against a backdrop of textured paint with timber battens.

Within the spa, the five individually contained treatment rooms feature a colour datum in a deep rust tone and steam showers tiled in a soft, sage green, with a granite shower bench.

It’s no doubt that we have become extrasensory, we crave a broader human connection and a reconnection to our senses that were once deprived.

Projects such as Relinque by Studio Tate successfully stimulate our senses engaging us holistically and bringing us closer together while taking care of ourselves.






Photography: Lillie Thompson

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