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I guess this is the last post of our blogger retreat with Holly Becker and Steffi Luxat. It has been a mono topic week, I know…but energy has been so high, I just felt the need to share. The second day, we did a styling and shooting exercise and everybody could open up Holly’s drawers and cabinets (oh, heaven!) and get any material needed for a nice vignette. Very easy in that surrounding! Difficult to decide where to start at. But here goes my choice:

How about some extra inspiration?

One plant, three stylings

This is my take on the last Urban Jungle Bloggers challenge. The February theme is about getting creative and style 1 plant in 3 different ways

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  1. I actually watched you setting up that first picture and I think you are really talented. also love the last closeup of the bird scissors. Great job!

  2. Gudy, these are beautiful pictures, you really have an eye for details. I love the pictures with the birds closeup on the lamp shade. Tons of love, Magda

    1. Magda, I guess the birdie lamp was all our favorite object, right? Thanks for the lovely comment!! Wish you a super weekend!

  3. I was looking forward to this post – to see the pro at work and it sure did not disappoint – fantastic styling Gudy. Love the bird lamp and scissors close up. Have a lovely weekend x

    1. Hi Louise, with Holly’s prop paradise, not too difficult to do a nice job there;-) Thanks anyways!And yes, personal meetings are just very nice!

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