Wonderful Styling and Photography by Dietlind Wolf

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I couldn’t think of coming back from the summer leave with a nicer topic than this one. If you don’t know the outstanding Styling and Photography by Dietlind Wolf, it’s about time that we introduce you to one of the wolrd’s most talented stylists, photographers AND artists.

If you are already familiar with her work, this project of hers might just convince you once again, why it was so important to us to name all of her professions, as she is a multidisciplinary talent and magnificent at all the things she does! She has also produced a gorgeous collection of ceramics, but this could be another story!

I met Dietlind a couple of years ago at a styling seminar she gave during a blog conference and we were all blown away but her way of teaching and approach to the styling world.

©dietlindwolf for Happiness Magazine via Eclectic Trends

©dietlindwolf for Happiness Magazine via Eclectic Trends

©dietlindwolf for Happiness Magazine via Eclectic Trends

©dietlindwolf for Happiness Magazine via Eclectic Trends

©dietlindwolf for Happiness Magazine via Eclectic Trends

Styling and Photography by ©dietlindwolf for happiness magazine via Eclectic Trends

All images Dietlind Wolf photography for Happinez Magazin

Do you remember our post about tone-on-tone color palettes?  To support our proposal on trending color trends in interiors, Dietlind’s tone-on-tone stylings are the perfect example of how this look can be translated to artistic stylings.

Is there a more convincing and sophisticated way to make a point than to style a vignette in one color? In our opinion there is not – as all your focus goes instantly to this image! It can be compared to fashion, where you can leave a great impression just by being dressed in one color from head to toe!

To achieve this look Dietlind uses one strong hue as a grounding color and choses complimentary colors from the same color family to build a powerful vignette. For her monochromatic stories she focuses on one color family, and it is not only through the color that the images gain impact. The fact that all items are from the same color family, the eye focuses more on the textures and forms of the displayed items – they play together so nicely that the bulk of items only gains richness by the supporting players and this doubles the impact of the visual story.

We will investigate more on one-tone palettes and share some great examples soon. Hope you are still having a lovely late summer (or season) wherever you are based. G, x


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