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Sustainable Co-working, Belgium 528


An immense rattan art sculpture winds its way through the ceiling of Belgium 528 an office and factory building. It was designed by Thai architecture studio Enter Projects Asia.


The installation was commissioned to bring “balance and calm” to the interior of a small concrete office block in West Flanders for the owners of an ice-making factory.


“We were given what felt like a ‘wellness’ brief for the space, inviting nature and creativity into an industrial setting.”

Enter Projects Asia


This is where the inspiration bloomed for a fluid and liquid-like design. The architects wanted to convey the properties of pure spring water crystallising, incorporating natural, raw and sustainable materials wherever possible, enhancing the wellbeing of everyone in the space.

EPA has designed rattan seating areas beneath the ceiling sculptures, mirroring the design concept throughout Belgium 528.

The sculptural segments were designed in accordance with the functionality of lighting, seating and directional flow, all culminating in a large 8-meter-high sculptural statement piece which illuminates the lobby and compliments the image of the brand.

Like a 3D jigsaw, the segments were assembled on-site in Belgium.


“Working across two continents always has its challenges but this was on another level, nobody knew each other or exactly what the other was doing.

It was a blank sheet of paper so given the result, I believe it’s the biggest and best challenge which often starts from zero.”

Enter Projects Asia


Due to the project being commissioned during the Covid-19 pandemic, the studio and client had a completely remote relationship. This created a strong bond as rattan factories could stay afloat during the darkest days: people were struggling to eat, supplies were cut and shops closed.

This project became a lifeline for many craftsmen who otherwise would have been without work during an incredibly dark time. Maintaining these factories ensured local, sustainable arts & crafts production could continue.

Belgium 528 is not only a pioneer of the new work philosophy but an example of incredible craftsmanship and teamwork.






Photography: Edmund Sumner 

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