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Sylvester Koziolek’s eclectic home in Berlin

When you hear the job description ‘ set designer’ you know you’ll probably get to know a special home. This is the case of Sylvester Koziolek and his residence in Berlin.

Sylvester Koziolek Residence in Berlin-3

Sylvester_Koziolek Residence in Berlin-1

Sylvester_Koziolek Residence in Berlin-2

Sylvester_Koziolek Residence in Berlin-4

Sylvester_Koziolek Residence in Berlin-5

Sylvester_Koziolek Residence in Berlin-6

Sylvester_Koziolek Residence in Berlin-7

Let’s pretend we had this apartment painted in white, the feeling would be so different here, less dramatic and theatrical. But then it probably wouldn’t have drawn my attention for being  similar with what we already see on the net. I certainly would not live like that but I always love to see proposals that are truly different expressing own style and confidence.

How about some extra inspiration?

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    1. Si, lo es, da un toque del todo dramático y parece que estás viviendo en una obra de teatro, no? Bueno, ya se dedica a eso, parece que se lleva el trabajo a casa:-)

  1. This space is gorgeous! So distinctly different. I agree with Tina, the combination of green, black and purple so great. xD

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