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Travel treasures: table styling at Merci, Paris: which is your favorite set?

These were some of the table ware trends seen at the lovely concept store Merci when visiting Paris last week. Which is your favorite color combo?

Aquí van algunas mesas vestidas que encontré en el grandioso concept store Merci de viaje por París la semana pasada. ¿Cuál os gusta más?

Obvious. This is my favorite one. White and greens. Can’t get any better! Porcelain and glass table ware.

Por supuesto, éste es mi favorito – nada mejor que blanco y diferentes tipos de verde. Porcelana y cristal.

The huge trend of black and white wash represented too. The white ceramic pieces are lovely. I have bought the small porcelain vase when visiting Lotta Agaton’s shop last month in Stockholm. The stripping painted table helps to get a warmer feeling.

El blanco y negro no podía faltar, claro! Me gusta la cerámica blanca que hay. Tengo el jarrón pequeño blanco de la derecha que compré cuando visité la tienda de Lotta Agaton el mes pasado.  Con las mesa decapada el ambiente tiene un toque más cálido.

I like this table too with its muted and romantic colours. The table ware was really nice. I get the impression that ceramics has an increasing popularity. Or is it me being that passionate about it?

También me gustó esta combinación de colores más sucios, incluso tiene un toque romántico. La vajilla era fantástica. Me da la sensación que la cerámica vive un auténtico auge. ¿O soy yo que soy una apasionada de la materia?

So, what trend do you see here?

¿Estas observando alguna tendencia en común? 


How about some extra inspiration?

9 Responses

  1. Me gustan mucho las tres propuestas, creo que la primera es mi favorita, aunque la vajilla de la tercera también me ha encantado. Qué difícil decidirse!

  2. White and green is my favorite. I don’t like black ceramics – reminds me of old times with very ugly octagonal shaped cups and plates at home, oh no!
    And I like the ceramics in the third picture because of the very pretty enamel.
    Hugs my dear,

    1. Seems white and green is the right one. I bring the table ware in and you your gorgeous food. Deal?? xoxo

  3. You’re right, ceramics are getting very popular and rightly so! My favourite is definitely the last one, I like the warm colours. Interesting that class tableware is back in as is black – kinda eighties don’t you think? M x

    1. Not sure I am a black and white fan at the table. Well, I am not! I believe Pinterest has done a lot getting ceramics popular again!

  4. I’d prefer the last one.The tableware is beautiful. I’d get rid of those vases, though!
    And I think you’re right, it’s not just your passion for porcelain – I also see that caramics are getting more popular. Like you said – it’s all over pinterest for example. Well deserved – there are so many talented ceramicists out there, it was time that they get more attention (and hopefully also more customers)!

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