Villa Ortizet – Bringing Rocky Outdoors In

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The past months have shown an unusual creative boost of 3D projects within the interior design scene, and the curve is the star of all. I bought a print of Charlotte Taylor's work a couple of years and haven't stopped finding her work on the net ever since. This is one of her recent projects teaming up with Anthony Authié. Villa Ortizet ideally …

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Phygital Design By POA Studio

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One of the major trends to observe within the interior design scene is with no doubt the transformation of digital design (3D rendering) into physical pieces including set or spatial design that is part of the story, and the phygital design by POA Studio is no exception. Giovanni Valdeavellano runs Studio Poa and has been showing his first collection during Sight Unseen's virtual …

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When actual dreams become 3D art by Studio Brasch

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Probably one of the most attractive features about 3D rendering is the fact that you can freely imagine and create moods with little to no restrictions, translate these into places and objects and just play until it feels right. This exact freedom of playfulness is a great asset for a designer, but also a very welcoming visual stimuli for a …

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