4 Color Trends 2019 Dulux Australia

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This is probably the biggest Color Trend Forecast we share of a painting company. Dulux Australia being part of AkzoNobel has revealed a few days ago their take on 2019 colors under the, again, wonderful art direction of Bree Leech. FILTER is the leitmotiv of next years' Color Forecast by Akzo Nobel and its branch Dulux in Australia. Mindful consumption is a …

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4 Color Trends 2018 by Dulux Australia

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This is probably the most awaited release for us because not only the colors but the styling and photography is excellent! The 4 Color Trends 2018 By Dulux Australia forecast the color we are going to see and most likely use in the coming year. The guiding theme for the 2018 interiors colors is ‘balance’, with an emphasis on connection and community.     I have …

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4 Color Trends 2017 Dulux Australia: Sentience, Chroma, Construct, Entwine

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According to Dulux they have a new antidote by presenting a visual cure through color, with palettes that will promote tactility and warmth as a remedy to excessive screen time. That as a first introduction sounds very appealing at least to us. After the huge success of last year's post (with more +40K repins), let's see today 4 Colour Trends 2017 …

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4 Color Trends 2016 by Dulux

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Dulux has nailed again! Seriously, these people present the most amazing color trends combined with a superb styling always. Revealing their take on color for the upcoming year is a highlight! Today we see 4 Color Trends 2016 developed by New Zealand based paint company Dulux, and what intrigues me most is what similarity we will find between the different tastemakers and …

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4 Color Trends for 2015 by Dulux

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It is very inspiring to follow along color forecasts made by paint companies to see if they match your own forecast, expectations and knowledge. And I love observing the difference on varies markets. Dulux is a New Zealand based paint company, and for the first time I couldn't agree more on an annual color forecast. From the beginning to the …

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