Playful modular homes nestled within nature by Precht

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The first thing that might come to your mind is a submarine periscope, or is it a water pipe? The idea of Bert is a family of playful modular homes nestled within nature that invite people to experience architecture and nature through the eyes of children.     Precht, co-founded by husband and wife Chris and Fei Tang Precht, designed the Bert family for …

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Best Case Example Of Organic Architecture With Javier Senosiaina

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    There is no better timing to revisit Javier Senosiaina's La Casa Orgánica (Naucalpan, México,1985), in a moment where we'd like to feel more connected than ever to nature. The welcoming place hardly modified the environment in which it has been built but adapts like an igloo or a cave to its surroundings. This concept was based on the idea that animals and …

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Architectural presence using absent matter

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The presence of matter is the essence of architecture. Indeed, through a material form, a construction rises in a place previously empty: an architectural appearance comes to existence. When abandoned, any building will succumb to time and become a ruin. A ruin represents, partially, the previous existing architecture; with a part no longer existing. What if we could build an architectural …

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Barcelona Style: A facade made of a grid of camouflage tiles

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The Green Trend has become a Green Lifestyle. Looking at this building, the architecture creates the idea of being one with nature. A rectangular, architectural structure with a roof and walls perforated with green tiles, was partly build around this building. The house visually connects with its surroundings, but at the same time it creates a shelter for solitude on …

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The Growroom – food producing architecture

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We bet, there is no-one in the design world, who hasn't noticed the green living lifestyle, we do not call it a 'trend' anymore, the urban jungle communities grow and urban gardening and farming is more popular than ever. Just in September we were able to visit a book launch, of the Urban Jungle Bloggers  and in a few weeks only …

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The S House By Nicolas Schuybroek

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One can't help but think immediately of Vincent Van Duysen when observing the color palette of this single-family house accomplished by Belgian architect Nicolas Schuybroek of NS Architects. No wonder since Nicolas has been working as project director for Van Duysen in Antwerp, handling various high-end architecture projects in Belgium and beyond. In August 2011, he started his own practice based …

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