Art In A Japanese Bathhouse

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We all dream of traveling again soon, and Japan is definitely on my list right on top. I remember a few visits to a bathhouse and enjoying my first experience with their bathing and wellbeing culture very much. That's why I was immediately drawn to this project submitted within the current FRAME Awards. This small project for a bathhouse in Kumamoto, …

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Mechanical and physical hugs by Lucy McRae

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If you think of a visionary, you need to know Lucy McRae. She describes herself as an artist, an interpreter of signals, which she turns into speculations raising the question of how can the art universe be part of this fast-changing world? Her work comes from making, it's intuitive, in her own words. This hug project is pre-pandemic. She has created the Compression Carpet, a …

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ASPACE, how to fuse architectural elements with art and craftsmanship

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Anna Aristova and Roza Gazarian are designers and co-founders of ASPACE, an art and design studio based in New York City. Their collaboration started in 2016 with the attempt to bring in the timeless beauty of nature to the contemporary lifestyle. Their last collection is the result of this desire, and one can say they achieve it! They take inspiration from …

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Top 5 Findings From Last Week

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This edition of the Top 5 Findings From Last Week shows very diverse and cross-industry references from art to technology.  I find them very intriguing so I'd like to experience them all, especially the last one! 1// ART AND WELL-BEING A sensory art experience that, through visual stimulation (color), tactility (fabric), and external elements such as sun and wind, created a common …

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The water sculptures by Sabine Marcelis for Fendi

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On the occasion of Fendi and Design Miami collaboration 10th anniversary, the Italian maison invited Dutch artist Sabine Marcelis to create ten sculptures dedicated to re-discovering one of the elements that Fendi cherishes most: water. The natural element is definitely a beloved one by the fashion maison but, as we know, it is also gaining a more and more central role in today's debate also in the design field for its importance in the climate change …

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