How to live with Design Art: Karena Schuessler, Berlin

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Freunde von Freunden features fascinating people all over the world. I can't help reading their articles whenever there is a home published from Berlin. And if the owner comes from Hannover where I was born, I even have to share a post! Karena Schuessler has had a fascinating live so far. She studied Couture in Paris, was running a shop with own …

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BlogTourLA: Visiting Natural Curiosities

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Natural Curiosities was another great visit Veronika organized  for the Modenus BlogTourLA. Located in a breathtaking former recreation house space, this art house has been most inspiring. Christopher Wilcox and his team of artists and designers are creating all art work in these studios in Los Angeles. We have been lucky enough to get a peek behind the scenes during the creative process …

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Now open: ByFryd and Hilde Mork team up with an artwork on-line shop

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Jeanette Lunde and Hilde Mork have opened up last Friday together an on-line shop of beautiful artwork with off set prints and limited edition of 100. Both ladies run their own and let me say, very nice blog but have teamed up now for this common (ad)venture. I have been following them along at Instagram and was very much looking forward to the final …

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Travel treasures: Werner Aisslinger’s “Home of the Future” in Berlin

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When attending The Hive last weekend, I spent some extra time in Berlin and visited the Werner Aisslinger exhibit Home of the Future. I knew him as a furniture designer, have admired his Loftcube (who doesn't?), his last design for Moroso, the Bikini Island in Milan (min.1:05-08) later in April, but didn't know his many facets in the field of industrial design …

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