Colorful Face Mask Knitting Experiments

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With no intention of belittling difficulties, the creativity of face masks that has been sprung the past weeks just for the fun of it is worth writing a book. Experienced and professional knitter @yrurari has been experimenting with some sweater ideas to wear on a face as a way to play and bring that extra creativity into these days of social …

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Mediterranean vibes in Sarah Ellison’s new tiles collection

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This is why we’d like to share Sarah Ellison’s cement tiles collection: 1// In a nutshell: Sarah Ellison's new tiles collection for Teranova was inspired by the Australian interior stylist's travels to the Mediterranean and other coastal locations. The result are these encaustic cement tiles of strong graphic look that can suit the atmosphere of Australian homes. After working quite a few years for one of …

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A playful act by ceramics artist Julen Ussia

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As we know by now, the general perception that our everyday spaces – figuratively and not - shrink, push a need for multi-functioning and flexible elements that make our life easier but also, add a more profound meaning to our life. Today, we would like to introduce you to a young Spanish talent who Gudy mentioned as well in her last …

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Ceramics pick of the month – Christina Schou Christensen

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It's interesting to observe that glaze is the most important ingredient here whereas the clay seems to play a secondary role. Ceramic glaze serves a variety of purposes. It serves a purely practical function as a protective layer that makes a ceramic cup pleasant to drink from, renders plates hygienic and enables jugs to hold water. Additionally, glaze can be …

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Ceramics pick of the month: Brenda Holzke

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Los Angeles based Brenda Holzke is the selected ceramicist of September as I love her textures and shapes. The basket series is just wonderful and so on trend. Baskets are huge these days. Actually these images would fit perfectly into my September Mood Board. I am getting a bit obsessed with this kind of color palette lately.     Brenda's ceramics pieces are sculpted by …

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Ceramics of the month – Pippin Drysdale

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I am back with my new column Ceramics of the month and  would love to introduce you today to Pippin Drysdale. I have found her on Pinterest and since this is my most repinned image on my ceramics board, and obviously you loved it as much as I did, I thought I'd share some more of her work today. Based in …

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