A dazzling rug collection by artist Poppykalas for Layered

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Today, we present you the dazzling Secret Garden Collection of rug by celebrated Danish floral artist Poppykalas for Layered. Inspired by organic, floral shapes, Poppykalas creates interactive and unexpected installations that challenge the traditional way of arranging flowers and the sensual interaction with them. The rug collection was part of the DAWN exhibition,curated by Spatial Code and Who’s Agency for this …

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The imaginative ceramics by Irina Razumovskaya

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Today we want to introduce you to the imaginative ceramics by Russian artist Irina Razumovskaya, whose encounter with art started when she was as little as 5 years old and with regular visits to the Hermitage Museum and the Kustodiev Art School the following year. Irina was never too fond of Russian “cliché” cultural attributes. But after some time living in the UK, …

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The illuminated sculptures by Rogan Gregory

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This is why we want to share the hand-carved illuminated sculptures by Rogan Gregory:  1//In a nutshell: Rogan Gregory is a New York-based artist who started as a design consultant for luxury fashion brands. The artist’s approach combines a sculptural perspective with the street energy of New York. His work reveals a unique sensibility for design, architecture and science. During the past decade, …

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The modern craftsmanship of studio Agnes collection

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This is why we want to share the modern craftsmanship of studio Agnes furniture collection: 1//In a nutshell: Guatemala city-based studio Agnes was founded at the end of 2016 by designers Estefanía de Ros and Gustavo Quintana as a multidisciplinary studio focused on designing and creating furniture, objects, and spaces that live in the gray area between art and design. Their recent collection “Living-Stone” …

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Zuza Mengham translates scent into new sensory forms

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London based artist and designer Zuza Mengham explores the fine boundaries of crafts and research of new materials and technologies. Her long term project of resin sculptures is among my favorite projects I have seen lately on the net when it comes to building up new and stunning brand communications. In a nutshell, Zuza Mengham translates scent into new sensory forms. A series of …

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Mineral Potential by Yixing Fang

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It’s not a secret that we are big fans of artistic ceramics here on Eclectic Trends. So it won’t be a big surprise to you that we fell in love with the gorgeous work of Mineral Potential by Yixing Fang - and her gorgeous objects that show a beautiful interplay of bronze and ceramics. Born in China she now lives and works …

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