Barcelona Style: Co-Living With Luxury

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Co-working and Co-Living can't be described as a trend anymore, but these concepts are today's reality not only in urban areas, however, few projects named as Co-Living With Luxury have been published so far. A few years back, Casa Decor took place at Casa Burés and it was by far one of the most memorable exhibitions in town. I remember being …

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Barcelona Style: A facade made of a grid of camouflage tiles

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The Green Trend has become a Green Lifestyle. Looking at this building, the architecture creates the idea of being one with nature. A rectangular, architectural structure with a roof and walls perforated with green tiles, was partly build around this building. The house visually connects with its surroundings, but at the same time it creates a shelter for solitude on …

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Moodboarding For Professionals – A workshop review

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I hadn't written anything so far about the Masterclass program and since I have some really nice images this time (thanks to Joanna Noguera), I thought it would be nice sharing with you some impressions today before we all head to the beach and get a well deserved summer break in a few days. This is a little review on …

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Barcelona Style: La Ricarda

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This place is one the most well kept secrets in Barcelona. In 1949, the Gomis Bertrand family decided to contact the Catalan architect Antoni Bonet, who was living in Buenos Aires, to put him in charge of their summer and weekend home in an idyllic place next to the sea and surrounded by pines. Bonet was directing the works from a …

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48h Open House Barcelona – YÖK

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48h Open House Barcelona is one of the cities highlights. This year 170 facilities have opened to the public during 48 hours. I was looking for a different spot this time beside the amazing modernist monuments we have in town and discovered YÖK Casa+Cultura. You could say it's an eco-friendly place to stay but the focus goes beyond with an …

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Barcelona Style: Joya Contemporary Jewellery Fair

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I visited on Saturday JOYA Contemporary Jewellery Fair which is the main international event in Spain presenting art jewellery from around the world. I am really happy I went, there was so much inspiration! Submerged cities - Hidden Memories by Akis Goumas Anna Król Everyday matter by Elin Flognman Elena Gil Federica Sala Lia Gonçalves 295 renowned artists of more than 40 countries were present through the …

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