A ceramics update on White Atelier BCN

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Picture by Igor Josif These are the last pieces for my White Atelier BCN collection. Some of you had been asking me what I was going to do my all the porcelain petals. And here they are! I am happy with these mobiles, it is exactly what I wanted to do for a while now. I have always been fascinated by …

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Barcelona Style: The Cervantes Rose Garden

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I can't say I am a total expert of everything that happens in Barcelona. But the city is rather small and somehow you have seen most of the places already once in your life. Somehow. There is this park on the right side when leaving the city and almost entering the highway I have always wanted to visit but never did. …

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Barcelona Style: Cabinet BCN

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Bea Targarona has opened Cabinet BCN a few month ago. A shop located in one of the nicest areas filled with a nice variety of complements and small furniture made to order. After an intense career in the corporate world, Bea decided it was about time to follow her dreams, renovating a space she found in the area of Gràcia and …

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Meet The Blogger comes to Barcelona

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Some of you already heard the news but were missing the final details: Meet The Blogger  is always thinking about new concepts and comes now to Barcelona. We have been organizing a very cool event for you on September, 21. This is a Sunday so you can fly in on Saturday or even much better on Friday, get some deserved …

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Contributing to Heart Home Magazine with a selection of my favorite Barcelona cafés

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I am very happy to contribute to this month digital issue of Heart Home Magazine. Always a pleasure to be in contact with Arianna and Carole. Instead of doing the typical Barcelona travel article,  I thought it could be nice to include some of my favorite places, and show you where I work and have breakfast many days. It's the best …

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Barcelona Style: a refurbished apartment in the gothic quarter

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Retaining old tiles is on trend in Barcelona! I can tell just from the tiles if an apartment is located in this city. There are not many left with the entire flooring in good shape, I am very lucky to live in one of those where I have different tiles in all rooms. Spanish architects Nook have been have renovating a small apartment …

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