Barcelona Style: A pop-up shop called Dînatoire

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Dînatoire, a common French name according to the owner, is the topic of this Winter's pop-up shop located in the Born area (c/Comerç) of Barcelona. You'll find at this location a new topic every 2 month, they close then for a few days and open up again with fresh concepts and product. Dînatoire offers still until January, 15th beautiful and accessible products all …

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Barcelona Style: Número Nueve

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Strolling through the Borne area yesterday afternoon in Barcelona, I discovered this fab new place opened some month ago. Número Nueve’s interior design by Sara Ibor is a combination of the trending Parisian metro-inspired walls (those green tiles!) and eco-design pieces. They open in the afternoons and you can order a drink and get your meal for free! New concept, nice story. Número …

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Barcelona Style: Sophie Aguilera’s ceramic world

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I have seen Sophie's ceramic work at an art barter exhibition early this summer here in Barcelona and since I loved her ceramic heart, I contacted her later to get to know her work. We met at the work space she shares among other ceramic artists and four days later I was installed too! Por fin un post en castellano de …

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Slow Shopping Trend in Barcelona: Contributing to Llamas’ Valley’s summer issue

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What emagazines are you reading? I have discovered German sisterMag last year, I like Lonny and the Australian issue of Est Magazine. But there are so many more. Lithuanian Llamas' Valley is one of my favorite digital magazines though. It is an interactive iPad magazine about perfect places and imperfect people. It’s about inspiration, creative ones, joy, coziness, delicious life. I had been in contact with editor-in-chief Alge Ramanauskiene …

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My Barcelona guide for

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I am asked so many times by friends, friends from friends, colleagues, family and so many more fans of my hometown, if I can recommend a nice place where to eat, shop, relax and visit the off stream Barcelona. I have wanted to do a guide for ages! is a very nice site for travelers, you can build up your …

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Barcelona Style: country side and urban style

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Gracia is really a nice quarter in Barcelona, still authentic yet somehow "normal". This two storey property belongs to Carina Casanovas who restores and sells furniture, most pieces are coming from her own ware house. What a gift to have that patio and gallery next to the bedroom with so much light! It looks as if they were living on …

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