Barcelona Diaries: the video shot at the stunning Azul Tierra shop

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I have been an Azul Tierra (Bleu¬† Earth) fan for quite some time, you won't find anything similar in Barcelona. They moved this summer straight into my neighborhood with such an amazing space of furniture and interior design, I had to ask Toni Espuch, creator, stylist and uber creative man behind the sceneries to allow me a short video and …

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Barcelona Style: an amazing loft for rentals

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Shoot 115 rents locations for castings, showrooms, photo shoots, video and videobooks, among many other audiovisual projects.They are located in Barcelona and so is the loft offered in their web. It looks pretty much like a space in NY, right? Found through Etxecodeko

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Barcelona Diaries: 48h Open House BCN / Casa Montserrat

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If you recall from my post last Monday, we had this wonderful architecture festival weekend in Barcelona 48h Open House BCN where you could visit during 48hrs different buildings which are not open to the public during the year. We were 48.000 curious visitants in search of hidden secrets those two days, I can just say, I will bookmark this …

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Barcelona Diaries: 48h Open House BCN / Casa Sayrach

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What a wonderful weekend I had! Barcelona opened its doors to 150 spaces (private houses, manufacturers, hospitals, monuments, etc.) with no public access to during the year. Very difficult to choose between such a wide range of treasures but my passion belongs to the Modernismo style, and so I went to la Casa Sayrach and la Casa Montserrat (will post …

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