Sylvester Koziolek’s eclectic home in Berlin

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When you hear the job description ' set designer' you know you'll probably get to know a special home. This is the case of Sylvester Koziolek and his residence in Berlin. Let's pretend we had this apartment painted in white, the feeling would be so different here, less dramatic and theatrical. But then it probably wouldn't have drawn my attention for being …

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How to live with Design Art: Karena Schuessler, Berlin

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Freunde von Freunden features fascinating people all over the world. I can't help reading their articles whenever there is a home published from Berlin. And if the owner comes from Hannover where I was born, I even have to share a post! Karena Schuessler has had a fascinating live so far. She studied Couture in Paris, was running a shop with own …

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