Tuesday Crush Mood Board

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I will work a bit more on digital collages (have you seen the post about the moodboarding classes and workshop from last week?) putting my favorite images together I have found during the week. The starting point here was Tilda Swinton. I don't think there is any actress where photographers and stylists have more freedom to work with. See the …

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Barcelona Style: The Cervantes Rose Garden

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I can't say I am a total expert of everything that happens in Barcelona. But the city is rather small and somehow you have seen most of the places already once in your life. Somehow. There is this park on the right side when leaving the city and almost entering the highway I have always wanted to visit but never did. …

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Eclectic Trends Studio Workshop, 26.04.14

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Do you know that feeling when you want to step back, pause and see things with a perspective after having lived them? This is why it has taken me a few days to publish this post about our workshop from the past weekend. I wanted to pick the pictures I liked most with some time, see through the filming material, speak …

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Meet The Blogger comes to Barcelona

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Some of you already heard the news but were missing the final details: Meet The Blogger  is always thinking about new concepts and comes now to Barcelona. We have been organizing a very cool event for you on September, 21. This is a Sunday so you can fly in on Saturday or even much better on Friday, get some deserved …

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