Meike Harde’s Evergreen Platters

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Before we jump straight into today's post, let me just quickly remind you that the Early Bird Tickets on my Trend Talk in Berlin end today. You can still register and read more HERE. ‚Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking!’ …is one of the favorite quotes from ‚The Devil Wears Prada‘. But honestly, have you ever experienced a spring season without the urgent want for …

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Color Trends: Haymes Color Forecast 2015

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Some lucky blogs attended the 2015 Colour Expressions Forecast presentation by Australian paint company Haymes recently sharing the first images and impressions these days on the net. The new themes for 2015 represented by five stations you'll see below were designed to stimulate the five senses, and each of it explores the idea of “reconnecting with our roots”. According to Haymes there is “an overriding …

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It’s trending: Botanical Vibes

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Femke Pastijn has been styling with photographer Jeroen van der Speck and the Delicious Magazine, and all I can say it I  just love this shooting. It's the perfect starting point to represent the Botanical Trend.      Now, can you imagine work at a space like this? With all this light, greenery and nature feeling around? I am wondering if this desk actually desk exists in …

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