Highlights of the Milan Design Week 2021, part II

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I've been publishing my highlights of the Off Salone for years now and wouldn't want to miss the round-up this time either.┬áHere go a few highlights of installations or exhibitions of the Milan Design Week 2021 where, more than ever, you could observe nicely executed the necessary motto of SEE, TOUCH & EXPERIENCE.   1// ELISA OSSINO STUDIO - I'll Be Your …

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Rugs to die for: Bliss by Mae Engelgeer

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This year our home is under complete renovation. The bath room is already new (still looking for the right fit on wall treatments. Wallpaper? Paint? Any suggestions?), we have a new pink velvet sofa and pink walls in our living and this is just the start. I plan to redecorate the entire room, our kitchen will be redone entirely this …

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