Ceramics pick of the month: Maryam Riazi

Ceramics pick of the month: Maryam Riazi | Eclectic Trends

To understand the work of Maryam Riazi, on our series “ceramics pick of the month,” it is essential to know where she is from. Maryam grew up in Persia, actual Iran, in a city called Shiraz. A city celebrated for being the heartbeat of the Persian culture, therefore home to poets, culture, and art. It is […]

Ceramics Pick Of The Month: Yuko Nishikawa

Ceramics pick of the month: Yuko Nishikawa

Yuko Nishikawa is a Japanese born ceramic artist, based in New York. She aims to use ceramics as a medium to enhance feelings. Yuko wants to makes you feel “piku-piku”, a Japanese onomatopoeia word that refers to involuntary movements caused by accidental contact. Her mission is to make you feel “piku-piku”, which means to tickle […]

Ceramics pick of the month – Nüüd Ceramics

Stripped back to geometric shapes only

Last winter, I gave a trend talk at the Academy of Arts in Tallin, Estonia. I still remember very well the public academy (made me think about how important it is to have art academies as public institutions) and its amazing building, the first digital blackboard I got to write on, and a very creative […]

Ceramics pick of the month – BUBBLEGRAPHY by Oddness

Ceramicists of the month- Oddness - EclecticTrends

If you have a bit of ceramics knowledge yourself, you always wonder when discovering a different glaze finishing, how on earth could this have been made? BUBBLEGRAPHY is a series of ceramic vases finished with a soap glaze. Now, what exactly is a soap glaze? By blowing are into the glaze and in doing so creating […]

Ceramics pick of the month – Rachel Boixnboim

Ceramicist of the month - Rachel Boixnboim-Eclectic Trends

This is the first official post for all readers and I have to tell you I am posting very little this month since the rebranding process is in full swing, and all I can tell you already is, the new Eclectic Trends will be quite different. I am very happy with the first drawings and […]

Ceramics pick of the month – Primative Futurist by Bari Ziperstein


I have a ceramics Pinterest board with loads of inspiration here but these unglazed terracotta pots are my favorites right now. My heart skipped a few beats when finding them. These individual vases are uniques pieces, unlimited and obviously inspired by primitive art but having some influence from futuristic shapes as well. The artist calls it […]