New Art Direction by Cristina Celestino for Fornace Brioni

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You might think, it is probably the best kept secret where designers get their inspiration from - but looking at the work and some of the art direction by Cristina Celestino, some of her secrets seem to unveil. We can see artful connections to modern fairy tales, combined with spectacularly translated designs, reminiscing fashionable jewelry. Quoted to be a ‚Superstar‘ during the …

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Ceramicist of the month: Simon Zsolt

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Today's ceramicist of the month Simon Zsolt Jozsef  shows the exceptional sculptural work below and these pieces are one of the reasons we like to share the art of ceramics so much with you. We love his approach to life and work: he describes it all as a ‚movement’ - and his philosophy relates so close with our values, as art & …

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Meet ceramicist of the month Jongjin Park

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The outstanding work of our ceramicist of the month Jongjin Park, who is originally from Korea, will be shown at the London Art Fair from the 18. to 22. of January, where he will be represented by the Cynthia Corbett Gallery. His ceramics are pieces of art, sculptures, that by a closer look only show the scope and potential of ceramics. At …

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Ceramics pick of the month: Coral Ceramics by Courtney Mattison 

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Courtney Mattinson's coral ceramics installation is a reflection on our changing seas. When asking creatives about their source of inspiration, you will often receive the answer, that nature has an immense impact on so many. It is only comprehensible, as probably most of us will know this feeling. Nature’s reservoir of treasures is overwhelming and some of us might remember a …

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Ceramicist of the month: Lukas Wegwerth

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A while back we stumbled over the exquisite work of Lukas Wegwerth online and started looking for more. Only a few articles can be found about him and his work - we would love to add more praise on his outstanding ceramics and hope you will be as enthusiastic about his vases as we are! Images courtesy of gallery FUMI Like many …

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Ceramics pick of the month – BUBBLEGRAPHY by Oddness

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If you have a bit of ceramics knowledge yourself, you always wonder when discovering a different glaze finishing, how on earth could this have been made? BUBBLEGRAPHY is a series of ceramic vases finished with a soap glaze. Now, what exactly is a soap glaze? By blowing are into the glaze and in doing so creating bubbles in which they are dipped, this …

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