Studio Twocan – Cement ‘Ceramics’

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We have seen quite some molded cement proposals for the past two years in the homewares world, but if you ask me… this is a pretty different approach by Studio Twocan combining marbled textures with a certain ceramics finishing look. By using sometimes intense pigments, each piece individually handcrafted is given a unique layered pattern and the hues are inspired by the …

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A new challenge for the Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Flowers

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Igor and Judith from the Urban Jungle Bloggers had asked for an easy task this time. Getting flowers and plants together sounds like therapy, and I just had taken a few pics for our collective exhibit in Barcelona when presenting my WhiteAtelierCeramics collection. It's been huge success, so many people came by :) Joining in just makes a lot of sense …

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Ceramics pick of the month: Tina Vlassopulos

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Tina Vlassopulos is a studio potter based in London producing one off hand built vessels in beautiful organic and sculptural forms. I always admire artisans who have a clear signature and Tina is definitely one of these. Educated at Bristol Polytechnic, she builds pieces that look different from every angle and are full of movement with twists, curves and spirals which remind …

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Ceramics pick of the month – Rachel Boixnboim

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This is the first official post for all readers and I have to tell you I am posting very little this month since the rebranding process is in full swing, and all I can tell you already is, the new Eclectic Trends will be quite different. I am very happy with the first drawings and can’t wait to go online …

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Ceramics pick of the month – Primative Futurist by Bari Ziperstein

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I have a ceramics Pinterest board with loads of inspiration here but these unglazed terracotta pots are my favorites right now. My heart skipped a few beats when finding them. These individual vases are uniques pieces, unlimited and obviously inspired by primitive art but having some influence from futuristic shapes as well. The artist calls it primativefuturist. Artist and designer Bari Zipperstein is a successful …

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Table Top Styling for sisterMAG

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When Toni and Thea, founders of the renown online magazine sisterMag asked if I wanted to contribute to their new issue which is all about insects where every section is named after a little creature (butterfly, bug, bee and earthworm), I wouldn't even think about it. And having two features this month was a more than wonderful surprise, but let's start …

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