Ceramics pick of the month – Christina Schou Christensen

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It's interesting to observe that glaze is the most important ingredient here whereas the clay seems to play a secondary role. Ceramic glaze serves a variety of purposes. It serves a purely practical function as a protective layer that makes a ceramic cup pleasant to drink from, renders plates hygienic and enables jugs to hold water. Additionally, glaze can be …

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Earth Matters – an exhibition curated by Li Edelkoort & Phillip Fimmano

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I wish I was in Stockholm and could go and visit this great exhibition at Artipelag curated by two of the most important forecasters of these times. Li Edelkoort and Phillip Fimmano warn of environmental pollution and over-consumption but offer hope for sustainable solutions through 'Earth Matters'. What makes it so attractive is the exciting mix of art, craft, design, fashion and photography …

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Ceramics pick of the month – Nathalie Weinberger

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I really wish I could make a book from all the stunning work I have on my Pinterest board. Without quite realizing it has become the board with most pics and I'd say a 60-70% of the boards I follow cover the same topic. Nathalie Weinberger has been standing out lately due to both her nice ceramics work and photography & …

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Ceramics pick of the month: Karin Lehmann’s slowly moving ceramics installation

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Karin Lehmann based in bern, Switzerland has been worked on one of my favorite installations ever in Münster, Germany. Sediment Sampling documents an arrangement of 200 apparently randomly smashed clay pots. The initial shifts towards a gentle decay, slow moving and unpredictable final result since all pots are in unfired state and slowly slide, split and eventually burst when filled …

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A ceramics update on White Atelier BCN

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Picture by Igor Josif These are the last pieces for my White Atelier BCN collection. Some of you had been asking me what I was going to do my all the porcelain petals. And here they are! I am happy with these mobiles, it is exactly what I wanted to do for a while now. I have always been fascinated by …

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Ceramics pick of the month: Brenda Holzke

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Los Angeles based Brenda Holzke is the selected ceramicist of September as I love her textures and shapes. The basket series is just wonderful and so on trend. Baskets are huge these days. Actually these images would fit perfectly into my September Mood Board. I am getting a bit obsessed with this kind of color palette lately.     Brenda's ceramics pieces are sculpted by …

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