A Wellness Club That Lets Foresee The Future

When you think of a wellness club ,soft, down-to-earth aesthetics might come to your mind. However, why not change the perception of what wellness is anyhow as we try to transmit in our recently published trend report The New Care Economy. If the understanding of care and wellness changes, why not its design?   Mingzhe […]

Blurring indoors and outdoors through raw rocks

Blurring indoors and outdoors with raw rocks

What seems like a mansion in a Marrocon dessert environment, at first sight, turns out to be a building located in Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, to provide scene shootings for commercial productions. This project was submitted for the FRAME awards, and though the description text is a tad short, we’d like to publish it; […]

Satori Harbour | A library in the spirit of contemplation

A library space for contemplation-Sartori Harbour

Chinese e-commerce company Vipshop has included in its headquarters a library turned into a sanctuary that embodies the spirit of contemplation. Satori Harbour represents an abstract harbor city where employees can wander through literature and experience satori – a state of transcendental being in the practice of Taoism, as the morning light shining across the entire […]

The multifunctional Ideas lab by Shangai-based X+Living

Eclectic Trends | The multifunctional Ideas lab by Shangai-based X+Living

Today, we want to introduce to the multifunctional Powerlong Ideas lab designed by Shangai-based X+Living office. This project, that includes a commercial space, as well as research areas and offices for the Powerlong group, wants to encapsulate the 21st Industrial Revolution. With the advent and popularity of computers, the invisible Information Age deduced and changed the […]

Pastel-hued fantasia of Neobio Family Park by X+Living

Eclectic Trends | The pastel-hued fantasia of Neobio Family Park by X+Living in China

Chinese retails are undoubtedly the most striking and status quo challenging spaces within the industry today. The Neobio Family Park, designed by X+Living, is located in Hangzhou, one of the trendiest and most popular shopping and leisure areas in the Binjiang District. And speaking trends, there are many projects on the market now where playfulness is the key issue behind the initial and final process as a trigger […]

Trend Alert: Is HeyShop the retail store of the future?

Eclectic Trends | The elegant and futuristic Heyshop store by Daylab Studio

HeyShop store in Shanghai designed by Daylab Studio is the offline elegant and futuristic store that embodies the retail of the current online shopping era. HeyShop is China’s leading e-commerce platform for indie brands and operate as a new type of collection store, driven by big data, merging online with offline (OMO). The new integrated retail approach formed by […]