The Franco-Japanese EN cosmetic boutique by Archiee

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The Franco-Japanese brand EN has opened its first physical store in Paris. EN cosmetic boutique is designed by Archiee, a Paris-based creative studio founded by Yusuke Kinoshita and Daisuke Sekine. The Japanese phoneme “en”, chosen as the name of the brand, holds several meanings in Japanese. In fact, not only it means “Beauty” but also “Circle” and “Connection”. It is this …

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Circular shaped vases by Anna Varendorff

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If you are looking for a special Christmas gift for this year, these round shaped vases might be a excellent find. Melbourne based  Anna Varendorff is both a jeweller and a sculptor and founder of ACV Studio. As a jeweller she was acquiring metalworking skills which she now uses when forming, soldering and sanding her brass pieces. She says, when I am making …

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