4 Color Trends 2019 Dulux Australia

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This is probably the biggest Color Trend Forecast we share of a painting company. Dulux Australia being part of AkzoNobel has revealed a few days ago their take on 2019 colors under the, again, wonderful art direction of Bree Leech. FILTER is the leitmotiv of next years' Color Forecast by Akzo Nobel and its branch Dulux in Australia.¬†Mindful consumption is a …

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3 Jotun Colors of the Year 2019: Calm, Refined and Raw

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It's the time of the year; the painting companies launch their color proposals for 2019. The¬†3 Jotun Colors of the Year 2019 are always long-awaited (see the very popular and still on-point 2018 Color Trends here) with a subtle yet enduring palette, tailor-made towards Northern style yet very global. The Jotun 2019 Colors have been chosen to create a new color …

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