3 Color Universes 2020 by Norwegian company Jotun

Color Universe 2020 Jotun Aspiration to learn | Eclectic Trends

Like every year, we love to share the inspiring annual color proposals presented by our favorite Norwegian paint company. Last year they called their novelties still trends, this year, however seeing a different take, we’d like to introduce you to 3 Color Universes 2020 by Jotun dedicated to welcome a new decade. These 12 colors […]

4 Color Trends 2020 Dulux Australia

Eclectic Trends | 4 Color Trends 2020 Dulux Australia- Indulge

Dulux Australia has recently revealed their take on 2020 colors under the, again, wonderful art direction of Bree Leech. This is probably the biggest Color Trend Forecast we share of a painting company. The leitmotiv of next years’ Color Forecast is ESSENCE, which focuses on our collective search for those things that bring us happiness. […]