How do IKEA, Vitra or Carl Hansen&Son use mood boards?

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This is probably the year I have spotted more mood boards at a trade show than at previous editions. What triggers me most is always how brands use mood boards. They can be introduced as inspiration panels to add some texture and attention to the room or, and that would be my recommendation, they are used in a more strategic …

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Color Inspiration No.12: Lavender, Peanut, Salmon, Amber & Flamingo

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Color Inspiration No.12 is all about combining pink, violet and yellow shades. Pink is considered a tint where a primary color has been mixed with white, whereas yellow is a primary color. They have started¬†working for me the past season when seeing the different color gradings and combinations. Dominik Tarabansky Photography| Anthropologie¬†|¬†arakso official | unknown Turns out yellow and violet are opposite …

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