Color Inspiration No.7: Klein Blue, Nude, Clay, Ocre & Airy Blue

Color-Inspiration-No.7-Eclectic Trends

We love blue and couldn’t be happier when creating the Color Inspiration No. 7 matching with this announcement: But there is more news to it: the world’s newest shade of blue, a brilliantly bright, durable pigment called YInMn blue, has been licensed for commercial use, is already in the hands of some artists and was […]

IT’S TRENDING: 9 Examples of beautiful Tone-On-Tone Palettes

9 beautiful examples of tone-on-tone-paletes-Eclectic Trends

This is one of the most actual color trends to me in Interior Design. Tone-on-tone palettes simply features one main hue and then other graded tones within that scheme are added to match the color composition. You can work with different paint on your walls and complement with furniture, textiles and accessories. The trick is to stay […]

Color Inspiration No.6: Sunbasque, Lounge Green, Tea Rose, Vine & Black

Color Inspiration June-Eclectic Trends

Clockwise: Damien Plotierre | Other stories | Julia Noni | via Ianlanterman Instead of a mood board, I have done a color inspiration board this month, and though I really try, I can’t get away from the cosmetic shade palette. I am afraid I am still very much rooted and drawn to the Earth Color Trend. The […]

My April Mood Board: How to Create a Color Mood Board


First, thank you so much for all the wonderful entries we received on the #StyleAtMineChallenge during March. The new mood board category is looking really great. I hope you are taking part during April and May as well and join in with new topics of your choice. Please read the challenge conditions at the end of […]

Beautiful mood boards by Danielle Jade Windsor

Mood Board Danielle Jade Windsor

These are the greatest digital mood boards I have seen in a while, color and composition are sublime! Ready-to-wear fashion designer Danielle Jade Windsor based in London has been giving me much inspiration here with her very accurate less is more approach.   You can follow her on her tumblr and IG feed. G, x

Color Inspiration No.5: Sage, Teal, Blush, Coal & Corn

Color Mood - Eclectic Trends

I’ve been working on a new color inspiration and palette and though it seems to be impossible to get the peach-terracotta shade out of my way, this time I have integrated two types of green and even a warm yellow tone which is pretty unusual for me. John Platt | Joseph | Tortus Copenhagen | Residence […]