How to create a tone-on-tone color mood board? The Blue Series

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2017 is the year of the blue shades. Let's translate this trend into a tone-on-tone color mood board. Denim Drift has been declared Color of the Year 2017 by AkzoNobel, International Klein Blue is coming strong on several fashion shows, WGSN has opened a department only working the Denim Trend... No wonder my current mood is reflected in a tone-on-tone color mood board (and …

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Colors of the year 2017 according to AD France

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It's interesting to see how brands and mediums are joining in the Colors of the Year 2017 publications. I had a very interesting conversation with Karl Johan Bertilsson, VP of sales at NCS during the IMM in Cologne last week. By the way, if you want to get a quick idea of my talk at the IMM, we made a short video. He said, …

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The Pantone Color of the year 2017 is out! It’s GREENERY.

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My dear friend and contributor Anastasia asked me yesterday was my guess for the Pantone color of the year was and I said it might be kale. My second option was a yellow tone. Funny to see that Greenery is just in between. According to the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute     Further on, the brand describes the new color as a fresh and zesty yellow-green …

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