Color Trends: Haymes Color Forecast 2015

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Some lucky blogs attended the 2015 Colour Expressions Forecast presentation by Australian paint company Haymes recently sharing the first images and impressions these days on the net. The new themes for 2015 represented by five stations you'll see below were designed to stimulate the five senses, and each of it explores the idea of “reconnecting with our roots”. According to Haymes there is “an overriding …

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IMM Color Trend Post 2014 on decor8

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Good morning! I hope you had a lovely weekend! I am still in Germany and will share today with you the color trends I saw at the IMM show in Cologne here some days ago. There will be a different trend post with micro trends still to come in an Australian Magazine (I'll keep you posted). But for today, I'd like …

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Color trend | Moody blue walls

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Let's talk color trends again today. I have published on decor8 last week a trend report about moody colors and will add some extra images today and concentrate today just on this fascinating blue shade. For moody greens and greys, please hop over at Holly's blog. It is this kind of dark blue that is taking over now in the interior color …

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4 Color and Pattern Trends for AW 2013/14

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I'd love to have sublines in the blog titles! This one would be: And a dream came true! But first: I had the pleasure to post already on decor8 with a sneak peek of the color and pattern trends for Fall/Winter 2013/14 developed by Global Color Research, a London based creative colour consultancy recognised internationally for its accurate color trend forecasting two years …

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Colour Trends for AW 2013/14 | Guest blogging at decor8

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I am very, very happy to be guest posting today again on Decor8 with some fantastic colour trends for Fall/Winter 2013/14 brought together by Global Color Research.  They gave a trend conference at Pulse 2013 in London last month and I was lucky enough to attend and get first hand a quite privileged  information you normally only have access to when …

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