How Does Floral Design Match With A Socks Still Life Story?

Sometimes we make a minor exception over here at Eclectic Trends and publish non-related topics to interior design only. However, today’s floral and socks still life story could be understood as belonging to a broader concept of lifestyle, and so we are back to our field:) We stumbled upon this project a while ago and thought […]

Color Inspiration No.28: Classic Blue, Pumpkin, Corn, Peach, and Plum (Ebook)

Free Ebook Color Inspiration No.28

Color Inspiration N°28  has a focus on Classic Blue, Pumpkin, Corn, Pink Peach, and Brown Plum. The color Blue has been all over the news after Pantone nominated it the color of 2020. It has indeed become an inspiration for many to apply in the month to follow. Swedish paint company Jotun has previously included this hue […]

Color Inspiration No.27: Iris, Coffee, Satin, Biscotti, and Ginger (Ebook)

Color Inspiration No.27-Eclectic Trends

Color Inspiration No.27 has all the right hues for the cold winter days: Iris, Coffee, Satin, Biscotti, and Ginger. Color Inspiration No.27 has a calming mix, echoes the first lazy days of this season, during which the only thing we need is a comfy and warm sweater and a hot cup of tea or coffee […]

Tintology- Color Therapy Pharmaceuticals

Color Therapy Tintology

Designer Alice Dobbie thought about a fictional color pharmacy when creating Tintology where colors are prescribed to help counteract various common emotional health issues and concerns, fight depression or unpleasant state of mind. Don’t we all know by now that color has a profound impact on our emotions? The idea is based on the findings of Faber […]

Color Inspiration No.24: Terre Verte, Rose, Salmon, Coffee, and Latte

Eclectic Trends | Color Inspiration No.24

To create this Color Inspiration No.24 and former ones, I take a particular shade and study its origin, anecdote and sometimes mysteries. Reading the story about Terre Verte and the main character of today’s color collage below makes me even want to dive deeper into color history. Images: Ph: Olesya Asanova | Ph: Andrew Romano | […]

Teal – The Must-Watch Color for 2019

Eclectic Trends | The Must-Watch Color for 2019

The darker hue Teal and must-watch color for 2019 comes back around every ten years and is often combined with brown shades, since these two are split complementary on the color wheel and harmonise thanks to the balance of warm and cool color temperature. The name comes from that of the duck—the common teal (Anas crecca)—which […]