10 examples of why Le Corbusier’s Color Palette is on point still today

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Good design is timeless. There are numerous interior and design fairs here in Europe, and if you happened to have attended as of late, you might have spotted a few pieces inspired by Le Corbusier's Color Palette.¬†We will share with you today why Le Corbusier Color Palette is up-to-date. His impact on architecture and design has been tremendous, and we …

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Color Inspiration No.2: Terracotta and Blush

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I never stop being surprised by certain reader reactions. It turns out the pastel trend I have been writing about earlier this week, has received really nice feedback (than you so much, I loved all your comments!). I wasn't even pretty sure if I still wanted to present it but here's the thing: it's not always about personal taste when …

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