A New Scene-Stealer Store By Forte Forte

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I believe we have never covered so many retail spaces of one brand as we do with the Italian clothing label Forte Forte. What struck a chord this time with its new scene-stealer store, was with no doubt the staircase shape and material! Sibling founders Giada and Paolo Forte have opened a new store in Chelsea teaming up with Art Director …

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IT’S TRENDING: How The Construction Brick Became The Rockstar in Retail Design (Free Report)

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We are back with another article of ourĀ It's Trending series: Construction Bricks In Retail Design but also seen in hospitality are playing a key role in different markets now (you can download this article below). Basically, anything with a terra-cotta feel has been used, redefined, modernized and given a new life in the recent two years. Today, bricks once used for …

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