Floating Coworking Space That Looks Like Organic Cells

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This floating coworking space could be part of how we want to work, mingle and collaborate in the future. Working from home is safe but also very limiting; employees seek more camaraderie and working at their office desk, but would also love to have an inspirational space in between.     And while this project is merely a conceptual idea to present a …

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Challenging The Conventional: Not Your Typical Coworking

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Cabinette is not defined by its creators as a simple co-working or gray office space. The design idea spins around challenging the conventional and offering a place of stories where the first concepts may be envisioned a tad wilder, and creativity has no boundaries. Recently awarded with Young Talent of The Year 2020 by Elle Deco International - Masquespacio, located …

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Our Top 5 Findings From Last Week

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We never stop researching what is happening out there in the world. These are "Our Top 5 Findings From Last Week", some of the most exciting projects, cross-industry. Photography: Courtesy of Buhaus.   1// Microarchitecture Triggered by the wildfires of 2018, Californian architect Doug Burdge and builder Nate Garnero decided to build a prefabricated housing. Buhaus comes with fire-resistant materials and off-grid capacity. The …

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