Parachute Recycling By Layer Design x RAEBURN

New recycled materials by Layer Design | Eclectic Trends

We started a while ago our series “The Stuff That Matters” and are fully committed in 2020 to shed a light on new materials (like today’s parachute recycling project), sustainable production processes, mindful, and ethical design. Layer Design under the direction of Sebastian Humbert has teamed up with fashion brand RÆBURN for a new project […]

Studio Bentu creates chargers from recycled waste

Studio Bentu creates chargers from recycled waste

Chinese studio Bentu has recently released the sleek X10 wireless chargers made of recycled materials. The colorful mixture of reclaimed cement waste and quartz stone aggregate leftovers make possible for the digital device to go back into the environment and not become just another piece in the landfill. Their material research brought studio Bentu to […]

5 Examples Of Sustainable Material Trends, part I

5 Examples Of Sustainable Material Trends | Eclectic. Trends

Today we’d like to introduce a selection of sustainable and resource efficient ideas within a selection of disruptive materials that will be included in our first part of 5 Examples of Sustainable Material Trends. You might have seen that I had been lecturing a few days ago at the Interzum show in Cologne (Germany) where […]

Emma Sicher’s sustainable packaging from fruit scraps

Eclectic Trends | Emma Sicher's sustainable packaging from fruit scraps

Today we want to present the sustainable alternative to plastic packaging based on vegetable and fruit scraps developed by Emma Sicher in her thesis project “From Peel to peel”. Inspired by Italian designer Bruno Munari who said, “nature is the first producer of packaging in the world: every peel, shell or skin aims to protect its […]

Revealed! This is going to be our Trend Book No.1!

Trend Book No.1-Regeneration by Eclectic Trends

We are very happy to announce the theme of our Trend Book No.1   REGENERATION   “The renewal or restoration of a body, bodily part, or biological system after injury or as a normal process’ describes a wider concept of how to take care of myself and the planet.”   Sustainability starts to sound like […]

The evocative underwater landscapes of Vanessa Barragao

Eclectic Trends | The underwater landscapes of Vanessa Barragao

Vanessa Barragao is a Portuguese textile artist that recycles wasted yarns from the industry and transform them into underwater landscapes by focusing on artisanal techniques. Her wall hangings and rugs are sea gardens inspired by the colors, shapes and textures of the coral reefs. Vanessa Barragao was born in Albufeira, in the south of Portugal. During […]