Homework’s studio space in Copenhagen

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With our eyes glues on finding inspiration for our home offices, Homework's studio and showroom come in like a fresh breeze. Though the space is by far much larger than any regular home office, it still gives information on color and space we could use in smaller spaces. Homework is a graphic design studio and creative consultancy specializing in visual identity, …

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3 days of design – An Installation by Pernille Egeskov

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There are way too many design shows in a year, of course we can’t visit them all. 3 days of design in Copenhagen, Denmark started out as a ‚small event held by a handful of companies from Pakhus 48, has today grown into a well-known design event. 3daysofdesign, which is annual, draws journalists, buyers and design enthusiasts from around the …

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Our visit at House Doctor’s ShowLab in Denmark

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I have been a lucky girl with my first business trip after the summer break taking me straight to Denmark after the vacation. We have been visiting with sweet Mette from Monsterscircus the House Doctor's showroom called the ShowLab. It's been a wonderful visit in varies senses because I have met Mette for the first time in real life. After …

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A stunning stylish office space: The Danish Fashion and Textile Association Office

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Ever thought about a dream office to work at in the most stylish environment? Well, the Danish Fashion and Textile Association office will probably bring you very close. There might be a trend brought up by Danish culture. Their headquarters look more than a private apartment than a showroom or office itself. I guess by now you have all seen the …

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Gubi, chasing forgotten icons

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"We see ourselves as treasure hunters, where curiosity, courage and intuition are key components for our success. Design is all about discovering gems and following your instincts. It involves travelling, searching and finding long-lost remnants from the past as well as contemporary, cutting-edge designs from new artists on the horizon." I love Danish brand Gubi! How often do you find a …

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